10 DIY ideas to recycle plastic bottles


Recycling projects always provide fresh ideas, materials that, at first, cease to be useful and that with a little hand, can be used for other purposes , generally very far from what was once his purpose.

That is the case of plastic bottles, once consumed the product inside are relegated, but plastics, metals, glass and cardboard or paper, are highly recyclable materials and there are numerous collection places, where companies dedicated to that end, they select and treat the materials so that they can be useful again, now we all know that and it is an option, but what if the new life, the new use , we offer it to you? Materials such as plastic, due to their characteristics, can offer an incredible number of possibilities and for this reason I have collected a number of 10 DIY ideas to recycle plastic bottles , with which we can be inspired:

Make flowers with the bottom of the bottle:



It deserves a big mention, I really like its finish and therefore decorates the header of the post. The opportunities are wide, in this case, with a glued washer have followed with a nice napkin ring.

Make curtains with the bottom of the bottle:


Also using the “ass” of some plastic bottles and giving a flower shape.

Make some propulsive rockets:



Simple toy with which children will hallucinate!

Make support for pots shaped like animals:


Giving a little shape with scissors and paint , little else.

Use a plastic bottle as a seal:


Little to say about the bottom of a soda bottle xD

Make support for costume jewelery:



In addition to the rear of several bottles, some materials of DIY work , but the result is incredible.

Make plants with plastic bottles:


Using the plastic as a raw material, some wire, a soldering iron and imagination.

Make pot holders:


Another idea to create porta pots with own style.

Create beads with plastic bottles:


Simple way to create personal and unique beads for our creations.


Create gift package or candy box:













Shaping the central area of the bottle.


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