10 Steps to Conquer your Desi Wedding

10 Steps to Conquer your Desi Wedding


As the shadi season is fast approaching and the shopping spree is at its full swing, we would like to share a list of 10 important steps to get you out of a stress-filled, nail-biting, hair-pulling last week chaos before the wedding. Following our 10 steps below and enjoy your wedding.

1.Make a Guest List

The very first step towards wedding planning is to know the number of guests you will be inviting. All the mamos and mamis, chachos and chachis, cousins, friends and every one you have met in your life may be once. All the relatives you never knew existed will make their way to this list and it’s all right. Aren’t weddings the only time when everyone is happy?


2. Set a Budget

The wedding shopping can be overwhelming resulting in spending hundreds and thousand of rupees on only clothing items. It is also better to create a budget and stick to that budget. Creating a budget before starting your wedding shopping will help you stay in line and will not result in buying unnecessary stuff.



3. Send Invites

Do not wait until last day to send your invites. Get what can be done on time so you do not have last moment panic attacks! Remember all the relatives who live in other cities or countries.


4. The Food

Everyone who will be at your wedding loves you and wants to be a part of your happy day. However the only thing they care about more than your wedding is your wedding food. Desi weddings are all about biryani, tikkay and roghni naan with a plate full of warm gajjar ka halwa. So make sure you decide on the menu keeping in mind the guest list.


6. Find a trustworthy Tailor Master

The most important thing after finding a perfect groom for yourself is to find a perfect tailor master. Someone who is the man of his words, you can trust and rely on and knows what you want…yes we are talking about tailor master and not your groom. You do not want your perfect dresses to be stitched by a not-so-perfect tailor and have a breakdown.


7. Yes to the Dress!

Desi weddings are about food and clothes! It is always better to do some research before you go for your wedding dress shopping. There are a lot of designers out there who can help you create your dream look. However if you are on a budget and do not want to spend hundred thousands on one dress than you can always make your way to local shops or karhai wale.


8. Book your Makeup Artist

Due to high demands, book everything in advance. Deciding on the perfect makeup look is very important and crucial. Just because your cousin chose makeup artist A and looked pretty does not mean you have to select the same artist. Do you research and visit the salon. Ask to look at the brides in person and do not rely on the heavily edited images posted on social media. Talk to the artist about your skin type and the products they will be using on your skin. Afterall, it is your day and your right to look like a goddamn princess.


9. Prepare your dance moves

No desi wedding is complete until everyone has showed off their moves on the dance floor. Though the standard jump on board while every one does their own thing is pretty fun, it is also great to practice on a few dance moves.


10. Relax and Enjoy this time!

This is the time for you to stay relaxed and enjoy. Do not stress about every little thing! Though desi weddings tend to have a nervous-break-down effect but the best part is that everyone you love is together and enjoying. Take some time out for yourself and enjoy the best time of your life!


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