Types of People on Valentines Day

Types of People on Valentines Day


Valentine’s Day really messes with us as a society. Whether you’re just starting a relationship or you’ve been together for basically forever, there’s a lot of pressure on making Feb. 14 one of the most memorable days of the year. 

For some people, Valentine’s Day is the greatest time of the year, but for others it is the most stressful day that any single or emotional person can go through. Which type of person are you on Valentine’s Day?

The Person that Hates Couples


The Valentine’s Day Hater has taken counterculture so far that it’s just as gross as the Lovey Dovey couple. Generally reserved for those who are single to the highest degree, The Hater uses Feb. 14 as a day to wear all black and bitch and whine about being #foreveralone.

The Person Who Thinks Its Shameful


This person wants you to know that celebrating Valentines day is just shameful. He or she will point every wrong aspect of this day whether you are doing it for your wife or your husband!

The Person With Sky High Expectations


No matter how much this person likes their significant other, if they get anything less than a chocolate unicorn riding in a blimp and farting poetry, they are going to be incredibly disappointed. And they are going to take it out on you.

Person Who Is Accidentally In A New Relationship


This person probably met someone at a party the weekend before, and will spend all of Valentine’s Day wondering loudly to everyone about whether or not he or she is obligated to make plans.

The Match-Maker


This person is usually in a long-term committed relationship, which they are probably a little bored of. So instead of facing that, they will instead choose to put their energy into forcing any number of will-they-or-won’t-they situations around the office or school. Did you at one point mention that you thought that guy in accounting was cute? Don’t worry: the match-maker thinks that this is definitely the day to loudly ask whether or not that guy is married.

The Chocoholic

This person would rather sit in their room, binge-watch some movies, and appreciate the single life with their only true love- chocolate.

The Anti-Valentine

This person despises anything Valentine’s Day related. They would rather call up their girls and drink the holiday away.

The Hopeless Romantic.

For this person, they believe that the happiness to a great life is love. They just wish for flowers, a box of chocolates, and a good Valentine’s Day.

The Person Who Recently Had a Break-up.

After recently going through a break-up, this person hates celebrating Valentine’s Day around anything that has to do with love, so they try to stay away from the heart candies and chocolate candy boxes.

The person who takes Valentine’s Day too seriously.

This couple imagines Valentine’s Day to be the greatest day of the year, so they will do anything to accomplish their goal.

The Person In A Committed Relationship


This person is happy and their lives are going awesome and god dammit you hate them so much.

In the end there are people who just do not care!


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