10 years of imprisonment in India: Pakistani sisters Return Home


13 Pakistani prisoners in India will come home today as disclosed by Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi, India on Wednesday.

Four civilians and nine fishermen will be handed to Pakistani authorities on November 2nd via Attari-Wagah border. These 13 prisoners include, two Pakistani sisters, Fatima and Mumtaz, who were arrested alongside their mother for smuggling narcotics into India in 2006. Their mother passed away in 2008 while serving in prison.

The two sisters accompany 11 year old daughter of Fatima, Hina. Fatima was pregnant when she was taken into custody and delivered the baby in Amritsar jail.

Hina in her interview to Times of India said that she wants to be a doctor and help people. She further said, “My mother, aunt and grandmother were innocent and had to spend over a decade in a prison when they had no fault,” said Hina.

The 11-year old bright eyed girl told that she has learnt English, Mathematics and Punjabi in India and she will continue her study in Pakistan.

The three women, Rashida, Fatima and Mumtaz were arrested on May 8, 2006 from Attari International border after getting caught of smuggling narcotics. They were booked under the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act and sentenced 10 and half years in jail. The court also fined 0.2 Indian rupees on both sisters and as they were unable to pay their fine they punishment extended to another 2 years.


Advocate Navjot Kaur Chabba who fought their case said that both Fatima and Mumtaz along with the 11-year-old will be handed over to Pakistan via Attari border on Thursday.

Besides them, nine Pakistani fisherman will also be handed over to Pakistani authorities at the border.

Pakistan on October 29, handed over 68 Indian fishermen to the Indian officials at Wagah border as a good will gesture to its neighbour.

The Indian fishermen also thanked the Pakistani authorities and applauded jail’s officials to allow them to celebrate Diwali, a Hindu festival, in jail.


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