10 Signs you are in a toxic relationship


Are you in an insane relationship? Is it really love or just a whim?

Here are the 10 warning signs that tell you if you are in an insane relationship:

1. Your personal growth can not develop in the relationship

Healthy relationships offer a safe haven for personal growth. Those who feel that their own growth and happiness must be sacrificed for the survival of the relationship, often find themselves going in the wrong direction in love.



2. You feel as if life is being extracted from you

Have you heard about emotional vampires? These unseemly characters prosper while extracting the energy and life of others. If you feel you are in a relationship that takes all your energies and leaves you exhausted and consumed, keep in mind that there will rarely be a happy ending.



3. You are always to blame 

If you are with someone who tends to blame you for their anger and problems and you spend a lot of energy defending yourself or trying to be understood, stop hoping that this will improve. It will hurt you more. After all, no one makes sense of nonsense.



4. A person has most of the power over both

Does the person you love have too much power over you, besides the power of love? An obvious sign of a toxic relationship is when someone has more power over you than you have over yourself . Remember: nobody has power over you, unless you give it to them!



5. You justify the behavior of your partner

Insane relationships are full of negativity and bring out the worst in people instead of the best. Humiliations, criticisms and insults are examples of emotional abuse. They should never be tolerated. Nobody deserves to be treated like that, and never try to justify someone who treats you like that.



6. Being obsessed is confused with being in love

Be careful with possessiveness and jealousy, as they are signs of someone who is obsessed rather than in love. If there is no basis of trust in the relationship, you can trust that you will have problems.



7. When the team loses, they lose

People who think they are in love may be just infatuated. How do you know? A sure sign appears when things get difficult. It is easy to be part of the winning team, but the moment things in life do not go so well is when the depth of a relationship is revealed. 603693_513010465426701_990348308_n


8. You feel worse with yourself, not better

Beware of relationships that do not make you a better person. If the relationship makes you feel bad and less comfortable in your own skin, it may be time to get out of the relationship! Mature relationships are based on acceptance, not judging and trying to change someone.



9. The focus is on changing the other

In unhealthy relationships, the focus is more on changing others than on changing oneself. In a relationship of mutual respect, you do not try to mold someone into your ideal person. When you do that, it is more about you than the other person, and it becomes the recipe for a chronic relationship of unhappiness. In healthy relationships, people are respected for who they are, and they are not anyone’s project.



10. You get lost trying to find someone

Finally, make sure you do not get lost trying to find someone. As much as you think you need someone, you need yourself much more.

So if you find yourself in a relationship that prevents your development and can only survive at the cost of your own emotional survival, it’s time to get out of the love boat before you sink!


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