Celebrating Iqbal Day

Celebrating Iqbal Day


Sir Muhammad Iqbal (Sialkot, November 9, 1877 – Lahore, April 21, 1938) was a Pakistani poet and philosopher of Indian origin. 
It is considered the Pakistani national poet. Muhammad Iqbal (Urdu محمد اقبال) is often titled meaning “‘Allāma Iqbal, very knowledgeable” (in Arabic: علامہ اقبال), [1] to emphasize his great erudition. Most of his works have been written in Persian language. 
Iqbal achieved his Master of Arts in Philosophy at Lahore, then part of British India. Between 1905 and 1907 he studied jurisprudence and philosophy at Cambridge, Munich and Heidelberg.iqbal
These were the years that led the Iqbal poet to compare the East and its philosophies with those of the West. Aware that Islamic culture was in decline, he developed on his return home the desire to bring Muslim culture back to ancient spiritual glories. To achieve this, Islamic solidarity preached.

Dumb is really the moonlight,  
Silent are the branches of the trees,  
Silent the musicians of the valley,  
Silent the green creatures of the mountains. 
All inebriated nature  
Rest in the womb of the night. 
Such is the charm of this silence  
that even Neckar has stopped. 
Dumbledore is the star 
caravan ,  A caravan without bells. 
Silent the hills, the river and the valley:  
Nature is lost in contemplation. 
Oh, my heart! you too silent,  
Suffer the pain in your breasts and sleep.

More and more fascinated by the verses of Allama Iqbal, a Pakistani poet, I propose this poem as a viatic for the weekend:

I come from the vast sea, from the summits of mountains, 
but I do not know the distant place where I was born. 
At the sad bird I bring message of Spring, 
at the bottom of her silver nestled jellies. 
Roll over the grass, and at the stem of the tulip I wind up, 
and the colors and the scents make it in the innermost breasts; 
and to which my stem does not bend to my caress, so 
tender and gentle I embrace the flower hill. 
And when the Poet complains of the pain of the Amica by 
letting go, I mix her melodious sighs.

Muhammad Iqbal (Sialkot, current Pakistan 1877 – Lahore 1938)

Allama Iqbal, lawyer, poet and philosopher of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, manager of the idea of Pakistan.

Known as the “Poet of the East” …

His father was a prosperous carpet merchant native of Kashmir, installed in the city of Sialkot (Pakistan)iqbal2

There was born his son Muhammad (1877) to whom posterity would grant the title of Allama (alim or “wise”)

With a great poetic body to his credit (which all Pakistanis memorize in the school fragments) he is honored for having proposed the notion of a separate state for the Muslims of India (present-day Pakistan).

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