How to deal with annoying coworkers

How to deal with annoying coworkers




If you work in an office, you will probably have to meet people who are not the most suitable to enjoy the work environment. And this is something that we have all gone through, at least once. It seems that this type of companions only strives to make things more difficult, either on purpose sometimes without even realizing it. It is common for the office or your workplace to have an undesirable co-worker who constantly interrupts you and does not let you complete your tasks on time.

Your co-worker annoys with the noise

Sometimes a co-worker can take us out of concentration if he listens to music or speaks on the phone at a very high volume. Listening to alien sounds that distract us can considerably delay our work by removing us from concentration.


A remedy for this is to use headphones to isolate us from the noise that distracts us, listening to our favorite music or some radio station with relaxing music. Another solution is to politely ask the co-worker to turn down the volume.

Ask for advice and questions all the time

In another case, there may be a co-worker who constantly asks for our advice to carry out his work. It is normal if you are a new staff member and you are learning your jobs. In this situation, we must help him according to our time and possibilities.



However, if the interruption becomes a constant, even after your learning period, we must do something about it. Some options are: kindly ask him to solve his problems according to his experience, warn him that we will help him for the last time and suggest that he write down our instructions so that he can refer to them in the future.

If this does not work, another option is to ask him to ask his questions to the boss of both. This could dissuade him from asking unnecessary questions.

Your co-worker talks all the time

One of the most unpleasant situations as a worker is that your co-worker interrupts you constantly to comment on anything. There are people who want to talk at all hours to make the day more bearable, without realizing that they annoy others.


An alternative is to completely ignore your comments and try to continue with your work, but since this option is not always effective, you should look for another way to deal with this annoyance. Speak privately with your co-worker and ask him respectfully to keep quiet because you are doing a task that requires all your concentration.

Use kind but direct phrases and be courteous. Or just pretend to look busy.


Abuse of favors and petitions

Another interruption by colleagues at work is to ask favors or assign tasks that do not correspond.

You must be very clear about how obligations are defined in your work and if you have any questions, go to your boss or superior. If you think that your co-worker is asking you for a task that should be done to him, indicate it to him this way.


In a kind way, tell him you will not perform that favor, because it is his responsibility. Make him notice that you have several occupations of your own and you can not help him.

In all cases, the best option is to speak directly with your co-worker, without claims or offenses. Explain in a kind and clear way that their behavior affects you and that you only want both to finish their work on time. In this way, the conversation will focus on the work and will not feel like a personal criticism.

Unnecessary Meetings 

We all have that one co-worker who loves arranging meetings and eats up an hour from your precious time to discuss absolutely nothing.

tenor (1)

Time is a commodity. And time spent in a meeting should generate a return on investment. But how often do we think about our time that way, and set expectations for meetings to produce real returns? In my experience working with Fortune 500 companies, the answer is rarely. This is just one result of a meeting-intensive culture.

What can be done?

However, before you end up resigning from your position or strangling that colleague with whom you find it difficult to live together, you should follow the advice we have to offer you this time:

  • Mark your distance. Maybe you have to relate to him professionally at times, but if in your breaks or at certain times there is no such need, it is best that you avoid their closeness to avoid trouble or scenes.
  • Express your discomfort in a courteous but firm manner. The best way to start filing harshness is to face the habits that bother you. It is enough that you tell that person that you would appreciate not speaking so loudly or that he will deliver the reports in order.
  • Open yourself to the dialogue. Think that just as you feel frustrated with certain attitudes of your co-worker, he can also feel the same about your behavior. If you point out something that you would like to change, try to correspond in the same way.
  • Go with a supervisor. Sometimes talking is not enough; especially if the colleague in question is often conflicted. In this case, the only option is to involve Human Resources or the next one in charge, in order to try to solve the situation.

It may be complicated, but remember that the only way to get rid of problems is by doing our part to solve them.


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