Rabbani Owns Property Worth Rs 6.2m, 16m Cash: ECP Documents


ISLAMABAD: Most senators, especially those from the tribal areas, claimed they did not own weapons, according to the statement of assets filed at the Election Commission of Pakistan, while the current and the former finance ministers both declared ownership of arms.

The ECP documents show that lawmakers continue to file their statement of assets without serious consideration, going as far as ignoring acknowledgements made in parliament or in parliamentary committees.

Compared to most lawmakers, Senate Chairperson Mian Raza Rabbani appears to have a modest lifestyle with around Rs16 million cash in hand and a property worth Rs6.2 million.

ECP documents show lawmakers continue to file statement of assets without serious consideration

The value of a house owned by his wife has not been declared. The value of his shares in a law firm is around Rs100,000 and other assets, including cars and household items, amount to around Rs12m.

Similarly, Senator Taj Haider, the parliamentary leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party in the Senate, owns properties worth Rs9.7m.

His spouse owns an educational institute valued at Rs2m, while Senator Haider manages a library in which he has invested Rs500,000. He owns a small car valued at Rs300,000, but there is a loan of Rs60,000 on it. His debt totals Rs120,000, while his family’s gold worth Rs200,000 has been stolen. His other assets including weapons, furniture and cash amounting to around Rs800,000.

On the other hand, Senator Saleem Mandviwalla, former finance minister during the PPP government, has a pistol valued at Rs85,000. He owns properties worth Rs100m, and investments, income and other household assets worth Rs137m, but his credit card debt amounts to Rs351,325.

Similarly, Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar owns a wrist watch that had cost Rs278,000 and a pistol valued at Rs23,825. He has invested Rs325.74m in Pakistan Investment Bonds, his spouse has investments of around Rs125m. Together, they own Rs100m worth of property, vehicles and cash in banks.

Senator Aitzaz Ahsan, another PPP leader, and his spouse have properties worth more than Rs837m. They have investments, cash in the bank and other items worth Rs238m. However, the couple do not own gold or jewellery, as they have gifted them to their children.

Another lawyer from the PPP, Senator Babar Awan, owns five cars and SUVs worth more than Rs72m, around 10 family-owned properties amounting to Rs146m; he has properties in Spain worth Rs2m and the value of his business, bank balance and household items amount to Rs371m.

Hailing from a prominent political family, Senator Osman Saifullah of the PPP has a net worth of Rs593m, while his spouse has a net worth of around Rs448m.

Among the wealthiest senators of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz is Senator retired Lt Gen Salahudin Tirmizi who has a net worth of Rs727m, which includes inherited properties.

Senator Agha Shahbaz Durrani of the PML-N from Balochistan has large tracts of inherited land which has not been valued. He also owns more than 10,900 goats and sheep, 430 cattle heads and around 275 camels.

Senator Ilyas Bilour of the Awami National Party has a net worth of Rs281.06m, he owns vehicles worth more than Rs14.44m and businesses over Rs42m. His family owns gold and jewellery worth Rs30,000 and his debt adds up to Rs1.38m.

Senator Talha Mahmood of the Jamiat-i-Ulema-e-Islam Fazl, and his spouse and children own 21 properties worth Rs237.60m, 11 vehicles valued at Rs65.28m, and other investments and cash holdings amounting to around Rs35m. Contrary to several statements made by Senator Mahmood in parliamentary committees and other forums about his gun holdings, there is no reference to his weapon stock in the statement of assets filed in the ECP.

Among the richest members of the upper house is Senator Azam Swati of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf who has net assets worth more than Rs840m including businesses and properties in the UAE and the USA.

Senator Taj Muhammad Afridi, an independent member of the upper house from Fata has a net worth Rs938m, including Rs137m worth of properties outside Pakistan and properties valued at Rs565m in the country. His businesses and investments amount to Rs229m.

Former information minister, Senator Pervaiz Rasheed of the PML-N, has declared almost nothing in his statement except for Rs412,883 cash in banks.

Courtesy: Dawn

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