Top iOS Apps of March Across the Globe

Top iOS Apps of March Across the Globe


Multiplayer action game ‘Fortnite’ dominates North America and Europe in our regular round-up of top free iOS apps from around the world.

While Alibaba’s shopping app tops several charts in South East Asia, ‘PUBG’ imitator ‘Knives Out’ is back on top in Japan, and ‘Ragnarok Online Mobile’ is king in its homeland of South Korea on March 16, 2018

1. USA

Fortnite (Game)


The hit console and computer sensation debuts on iOS as part of an invite-only public test phase. Players fight to be the last person standing, building and knocking down makeshift forts, and all in the company of pals on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac, and PC should they so choose.

2. United Kingdom

Fortnite (Game)

3. China

QQ Dazzling Dance (Game)


Tap different areas of the screen to make on-screen dancers complete complex choreographies. The most popular in-app purchase is for a $0.99 pack of virtual currency.

4. Germany

Fortnite (Game)

5. France

Fortnite (Game)

6. Netherlands

Fortnite (Game)

7. Canada

Fortnite (Game)

8. South Korea

Ragnarok Online Mobile: Eternal Love (Game)


The latest mobile adaptation of iconic massively multiplayer online game “Ragnarok Online,” which has just opened up a Korean server and accompanying localization.

9. Japan

Knives Out (Game)


A very unofficial mobile spin on PC gaming craze “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” — the forerunner of “Fortnite: Battle Royale.” Publisher NetEase also distributes the similar “Rules of Survival.” Its most popular in-app purchase is for $0.99 USD of expendable tickets.

10. Singapore

AliExpress Shopping App (Shopping)


The enormous Alibaba Group’s mobile catalog and purchasing the app, which implemented automatic currency and language selection among improvements contained within a March 9 update.

11. Malaysia

AliExpress Shopping App (Shopping)

12. India

WhatsApp Messenger (Social Networking)


Facebook-owned messaging suite which offers integration with contacts lists as well as Facebook profiles. Free voice, text, image, and video messaging over 3G or WiFi as long as the connection is prepaid.

13. South Africa

Spotify Music (Music)


Music streaming service, free with adverts or as a premium subscription without.

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