Karachiites sneered at littering for all the right reasons

Karachiites sneered at littering for all the right reasons


While Karachiites departed from the stadium with amazing memories last night, they also left behind their trash and litter!

Despite bringing back the sporty spark to Pakistan, specifically to Karachi, we continue to be adamant as we portray an image of litterers.

This is how Stadium appeared to be post-match:



“Cleanliness is half of faith”.  Wastage of food and water is strictly prohibited in many religions as there are millions who are deprived of clean water and a single grain, and here we Pakistanis are wasting our resources and edibles, while leaving no stone unturned in an attempt to pollute our homeland.

However, there are a few unsung heroes in this world who surely deserve to be recognized in the society for their undying love and dedication. One man named ‘Ahmed Khan Abdali’ was spotted at National Stadium cleaning up the venue during late hours – This definitely depicts true patriotism!


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