16 Annoying Things All Pakistani Husbands Do That Drive Their Wives Crazy

16 Annoying Things All Pakistani Husbands Do That Drive Their Wives Crazy


We love them for all those adorable things that they do. But, we also hate them for a lot of annoying things that they never miss to do.         

In fact, as much as we may try to ignore all those irritating things, there are a few of them that they still do, even after being told and corrected a million times! Still, we love them. Well, that is a kind of feeling we all have in common for our darling husbands. Isn’t it?

So, we have listed down some of the irritating things that almost all husbands do to drive their wives crazy. And, here they are:

#1. Throwing their shoes and socks in every corner of the house

Because it is their birthright to leave the house messy, and the entire house is their personal dumping ground!


At the end, they never come to food, the food has to come to them!

#3. Not taking a bath on holidays

Don’t blame them ladies! They are simply making an effort to save the planet by saving water.

#4. Leaving the wet towel on bed

Will they ever understand the concept putting the towel out to dry? It is no rocket science, right?

#5. Being patrons of selective hearing

Maybe there is a place on this earth that teaches all men this art of very conveniently hearing what they want, and ignoring the rest. Isn’t that super annoying?


How difficult is it to understand that a beard does not make them look like a film star? Boys, stop making us feel appalled and please shave!

#7. Reading inside the washroom and keeping it blocked for hours together

Because that place is their private lounge!


Well, who would not like to be welcomed with an overdose of smoke gushing right into the nostrils? What a treat, right?

#9. Snoring away to glory

Firstly, they deny it. And then, they say that they did not have a good sleep! Like seriously?

#10. Always asking for their things

After all, it is so hard to keep back things from where they were picked up. So, for taking care of everything from their watch or wallet to the car keys or important files, they need an assistant. And, being organised is just like Greek and Latin to them.

#11. Not putting the toilet seat down

As if it weighs 20 kilos and it is such a difficult task to put it down!

#12. Forgetting everything you tell them to do or bring from the supermarket

No one can forget things or chores to be done, as easily as the husbands do. And, they certainly deserve an applause for the same, right girls?

#13. Being a complete mama’s boy

Because what ‘mommy’ says is always right and what the wife says is often doubtful.


#14. Eating, drinking, sleeping- everything on the bed

How can the food crumbs, wet sheets, and other things on the bed not disturb them while they sleep?

#15. Never making an effort to plan anything

Why is it that most of the times, only women are planning a get together, a holiday, a birthday party or simply a dinner together? Why can’t they ever make any such efforts?


#16. Do not express their love quite often

Well boys, loving them is just not enough! You need to show that more often.

So ladies, which of these things do you experience almost every other day? Well, whichever they are, we are pretty sure that you would have felt slightly better after knowing that you are not the only one to face all this, right? And, let your husbands also know what irritates you by sharing this article with them.

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