16 dead in attack of Islamic State against Libyan Electoral Commission

16 dead in attack of Islamic State against Libyan Electoral Commission


The assailants would have activated explosive devices attached to the body, but before they managed to set fire to the building and shoot three agents.

At least 16 people died and another 19 were wounded today (02.05.2018) in a supposedly suicide attack perpetrated against the headquarters of the Electoral Commission in Tripoli, Efe sources told security.

The terrorist group Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack and described the attacker as a “martyr” and the victims of “heretics” and “polytheists.” (22.04.2018)

According to the head of Central Security in Tripoli, Mohamad al Damidja, the attack was the work of three alleged members of the Libyan branch of the jihadist organization Islamic State, two of which exploded two explosive devices that apparently had attached to the body.

“The third was shot down by security agents outside the building,” Al Damidja said.

Before bursting, the assailants managed to set fire to the building and to shoot three agents, explained, on the other hand, another source.

The attack has been taken over by the Libyan branch of the Islamic State through a communiqué broadcast by its local digital propaganda platform Wilayat Trabulus (province of Tripoli) and the global magazine of the Amaq group.

The action has been condemned by the Government of National Agreement (GNA), supported by the UN in Tripoli, and the Parliament of Tobruk, which controls more than 60 percent of the country from the east.

The Council of Fatwa, the main religious body in western Libya, has also condemned the UN mission in this country, in a statement signed by its head, Ghassam Saleme.

The Lebanese diplomat expressed his full support to the government in Tripoli and assured that the attack will not end with the determination to continue with the preparations for the convocation in the coming months of legislative and presidential elections.

The Libyan Electoral Commission is a body protected by the UN whose main function is to register Libyans who wish to vote in those elections, for which there is no specific date yet.

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