Indian Culture Minister Not Okay With Tourists Wearing Skirts

Indian Culture and Tourism Minister, seems like he is not okay with the tourists visiting India, wearing wardrobes of their ‘culture’, therefore he has suggested the foreign tourists should wear outfits that cover their legs completely, not the skirts.

Mahesh Sharma was castigated by the social media users for coming up with such remarks for the tourists that India gets, to an overwhelming extent each year. The remarks made by Sharma came while discussing the “welcome kits” that the Indian government will be giving away, to the tourists.

The welcome kits that will be handed over to the tourists, will have a card with instructions on it; to guide the tourists with all the do’s and don’ts. The Indian Culture minister, while explaining the do’s and don’ts said that the tourists should not wear skirts, and also, they should refrain from going out alone at night.

The card – that the tourists will be receiving, with each kit, has all the instructions listed, “if the tourist women, are in small cities, they should not roam around alone at night or wear skirts… They should take a picture of the car they are travelling in and send it to a friend as a precaution,” said the Indian culture and tourism minister.

When asked whether the Indian minister was suggesting a dress code that needs to be followed by the female tourists, he said that India is a cultural country, with a different dress code for the religious places, which needs to be kept in the minds of the tourists, while dressing up.

Seeing all the criticism, the minister tried to make a few efforts to calm the situation, saying that he was speaking solely in the context of the religious places, and suggesting foreign tourists to wear clothes that fit their culture, out of concern.

Being criticized for questioning the dressing of foreign tourists this time, Mahesh Sharma had invited a serious criticism over his controversial comments, before as well.

Seeing how has Indian culture changed over the time, Mahesh Sharma has accused westernization for being the root cause of the problems India is currently facing and said while talking about the past, that night out for girls was not even in the Indian culture.

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