PTI Leader Insists Raheel Shareef, For A Ban On MQM

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf senior leader, Ali Zaidi wrote a letter to General Raheel Shareef, demanding a ban on the Muttehida Qaumi Movement, after witnessing their riots and Anti-Pakistan thoughts, last Monday.

The letter written to the Army Chief consisted the demand of strict action be taken against the MQM chief, imposing a ban on them so their activities can be curbed and all those who work in favor of the MQM, be held responsible for supporting an organization that promotes terrorism and riots.

While speaking to a local newspaper, Ali Zaidi said, “I wrote this letter to the COAS in an individual capacity like a common citizen of Pakistan — not on behalf of my party.” He added, “This is the first letter which I have written. There is a series of letters which I have to dispatch to authorities concerned, including the chief justice of Pakistan.”

Zaidi’s letter reads, “It is not a hidden secret that the MQM was created by Gen Muhammad Zia Ul Haq and further facilitated by former president Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf. Therefore, by default, the responsibility to clean up the mess created by your predecessors sadly falls on your shoulders.”

Ali Zaidi’s letter to the COAS General Raheel Shareef also praised the recent duties performed by Major General Bilal Akbar, saying that his duties have been tremendous and all his efforts made towards the restoration of peace in Karachi have gone immensely successful, as they have apprehended all the miscreants and criminals belonging to the MQM, who have been contributing actively towards deterioration in Karachi.

Monday’s situation that was pulled off by the MQM workers, after receiving orders from their Chief; followed by Farooq Sattar’s press conferences that created nothing but more confusion. Subsequent to which, taking an immediate action against the terror promoting party, by imposing a ban, had become more of an obligation.

Ali Zaidi had further said, “Press conferences by Dr. Farooq Sattar and his associates are total eyewash to hoodwink the Pakistani public. Please, do not let these criminals insult your/our intelligence by trying to separate the MQM London and the MQM Pakistan. They are all the same.”

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