British woman sexually assaulted before being killed for honor in Pakistan

The death probe of British-Pakistan woman Samia Shahid, now seems like it is finally on the verge of apprehending the real criminals responsible for her death.

The 28-year-old Samia Shahid from Bradford, died while she was at her ex-husband’s place, on July 20, where the family of her ex-husband claimed that Samia had died a natural death. But as the post mortem was conducted, the truth was revealed that Samia did not die a natural death, rather she was raped and then killed by her ex-husband.

According to the investigation team officer, Abubakr Bakhsh, “We have completed our investigation and concluded that her ex-husband Muhammad Shakeel and father, Muhammad Shahid were involved in her killing.” Also, her ex-husband had allegedly raped Samia before killing her.

Samia Shahid’s second husband, Kazam claimed that before marrying him, Samia converted to Shia sect, which angered her family and provoked them to kill her.

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