Forever Is Not A Long Time For This Old Chinese Couple

True love never dies… and this guy proved it.

A Chinese man Du loves his wife wholeheartedly and he is a dream husband. He has been taking care of his bed ridden wife for 56 years without a single compliant.

This is a story of pure love which started in 1959 when Du married his lady love Zhou. They were living happily until ill-fated Zhou met a mysterious disease which unable her to move any part of her body.

Many tests were conducted on Zhou but doctors never even came close diagnosis. One more bad news came out that due to her illness Zhou won’t be able to have children.


Du was working out of the city in a coal mine when he received the sad news about his wife. He immediately took long leave form work and returned.

Du was asked again and again to get married once more by his family but he refused to let go his loving wife.

He told everyone that he would take care of his lawfully wedded wife even if it means giving up on his own life. He proved to be true to his words by nursing Zhou for 56 years continuously.

Du quite his job and started working as a farmer. The loving couple now lived in a house made of stones with minimal furniture.


Du’s daily routine includes spoon feeding his immoveable wife, changing her bed pans, preparing meal and medicines.

Du hasn’t lost his hope and he often hunt for new herbs which he believe will help in Zhou’s recovery.


This couple is a real life example of Romeo Juliet type of love. It has been 6 decades of love, passion and care and Du intend to keep that fire burning till death do them apart.

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