Has Cupid Arrowed Salman And Katrina Again?

Love is in the air …. Is Katrina and Salman are together once again???

Well things are pretty spiced up between the two.


Bollywood heartthrob Salman and B-Town’s Barbie Katrina were all love while sharing a stage at a recent event.


Shahid Kapoor, Aliya Bhatt, Anupam Kher, Kriti Sanon, Sushant Singh Rajput and Varun Dhawan were also at the stage and all were giving their remarks about IIFA Awards to the media.

When it was Salman’s turn to answer the questions he consulted the veteran actor Anupam Kher about the IIFA dates and then wit fully said:

“I am very bad with dates, the only date I remember is Katrina’s birthday”

Salman added that it’s Katrina’s birthday on July 16. He then joyfully sang a birthday song for Katrina followed by a side hug and peck on her cheeks.

Kat was blushing and she just smiled away like a 16 year old.


To our amusement it wasn’t just Salman who showcased his affection Jagga Jasoos star also said something flirtatious.

Later when Katrina was asked about one memorable thing she has done when 18 she replied:

“I met Salman”


Isn’t it cute? There is something cooking between these two Indian celebs but things are not yet clear…is this the new beginning or just a friendship? Time will tell.

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