Happy Independence Day To Dudes

How can we feel free on this Independence Day when we will be listening same repeatedly told sentences once again on August 14th?

A girl dressed in a green kurta pajama with matching green bangles, smiling broadly came out of her room to go out with friends as they intend to celebrate AZADI.


Her mom saw her, walked to her and asked her glaring where your DUPATTA is?

Smiled vanished she returned to her room, grab a dupatta and left.

A girl ready to party hard was asked by her brother to be at home before it’s too late. She wondered what too late means but never had courage.


A working woman has to do some office work from home as she had a deadline from a foreign client. After lunch as her husband is ready to take a nap she clutch her laptop, husband exhaled and gave her nasty looks, work huh! Its 14th August why are you always trying to tell me that your work is more important than me? Husband questioned.


These are not just stories, each one of them is a question mark are we really Independent? Are we ready to embrace our freedom after 70 years?

Happy Independence Day From every girl with shattered dreams, form every lady with forgotten ambitions and from every women with lost anticipation, happy Independence Day Gents.

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