Women Who Did Wonders

Let us remind you the superwomen of Pakistan this Independence season.

Malala Yosufzai


She in a very young age told everyone that Pakistani girls are not to be underestimated.

She was shot in head but survived. Not just survived she held her head high and rose. She was awarded with a Noble Prize.

She is now running a nonprofit institution for girl education.

Sharmeen Obaid chinoy


Sharmeen is a dedicated human right activist and keep telling people about the inequalities women face even today.

The filmmaker has won two Oscars for her films about women for women from a woman.

Dr Ruth Pfau


Sadly she won’t be celebrating this Independence Day with us as she passed away on August 10 this year.

A German by birth and a Pakistani by Heart, she came Pakistan and stayed here for 50years, leaving her family and former life.

She is widely known as Pakistan’s Mother Teresa. She treated leprosy patients for 50 years and helped Pakistan to become first Asian country to control leprosy.

Muniba Mazari


An artist, writer and a motivational speaker, defied all odds and told the world that no power can hold our girls back.

Maria Toorpakai Wazir


She refused to abide by the restrictions her birthplace imposed on women.

She loves sports and to fulfill her passion she dressed as a boy named “Ghenghis Khan”.

She won weightlifting tournament and then pursue her career in squash. She is now a Pakistani female squash star.

the list is never ending. Women of Pakistan has been fighting and will continue to fight until they are accepted as equals. No weaker gender at least not in Pakistan.

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