YouTube Adds ‘Breaking News’ Section For Homepage And Mobile Apps

For many, YouTube is the go-to place for footage of any major event that takes place as the video-streaming website is often credited with finding videos that are covering the most significant of news in real time. Most of them are shot through individual mobile phones.

 Now, Google has finally made this task easier by adding a “Breaking News” carousel to its mobile apps and its homepage.

The new icon is similar to what would appear when you see a recommended channel.

At the time of publication, this section primarily focused on reports of Steve Bannon leaving his position at the White House, but later it went towards focusing on the attack in Barcelona.

For now, it’s unclear whether Google is populating this section algorithmically or curating content but it certainly is a useful addition to the front page of YouTube and helps users become aware of whats happening out there.

Apparently, the update isn’t available yet but should be arriving pretty soon.

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