13-Year-Old Rape Victim’s Baby In India Dies Two Days After Birth

The baby of a 13-year-old Indian rape victim, who made headlines after her pregnancy was allowed to be terminated by the country’s top court, died just two days after he was born.

 The baby had been in neonatal intensive care in Mumbai but died on September 10.

The Indian girl, who was 32 weeks pregnant, gave birth to the boy by Caesarean section last week on Friday, according to the hospital. Her father’s colleague has been arrested for the rape.

 India normally allows terminations after 20 weeks if the mother’s life is in danger.

The case was discovered on August 9 by chance when her parents took her to a doctor to seek treatment for suspected obesity. They had taken her to the doctor to determine whether her sudden ‘obesity’ was caused by thyroid but an ultrasound showed that she was 27 weeks pregnant. Police officials claim that until that moment, she had not informed her parents about the sexual assault.

A Delhi-based lawyer approached the Indian Supreme Court on her behalf, seeking permission to abort the baby. The court later granted her permission to medically terminate her pregnancy earlier in September.

The doctors had suggested a wait for two weeks to allow the foetus to grow further, but the judges ordered an immediate termination to avoid further trauma to the girl.

A panel of five doctors, headed by gynaecologist Dr Ashok Anand, carried out the C-section at Mumbai’s JJ Hospital. Since her pregnancy was at an advanced stage, the termination resulted in the birth of the baby boy.

 “The mother is doing fine and we’ll discharge her in a couple of days,” said Dr Anand. He added the baby boy was born slightly underweight at 1.8kg (4lb).

It is, however, not clear why the baby died, but a Times of India report, quoting doctors said, he had lung problems and severe breathing issues.

Courtesy: Express Tribune

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