Father Hoaxed; Got Teenage Lovers Electrocuted

Another story of tragic love, another story of ignorance, another story of denial, and another couple lost their lives because of Jirga system. This time Karachi, the city of lights witnessed the darkest crime.

This is a story of a 17 year old boy and a 16 year old girl. They lived in the same locality and belonged to the same tribe. They saw each other and love blossomed in their tender hearts.

They were happy together and wanted to get married. But they know that despite having shops just across the streets their families won’t be happy on their decision.

They feared the consequences of their love story when anyone would know about them. They feared for their lives. So they never decided but were forced by this fear to elope.

Once more the societal barriers were shattered and love wins, the teenage couple ran away from their families to settle in their paradise where love is free and independent.

They were in the middle of their proposed journey when boy received a call from his home. A call that changes everything for them. His father asked him to come back home with the girl and told him that they were happy for the couple.

His father promised to get them both married and the couple took it as a promise of life. They were mistaken.

According to Express Tribune the father of the boy confirmed that he had called his son and fixed a hoax on them to return as he promised to arrange for their marriage.

On their return they were met not only by the members of their respective families but also the members of Jirga were present the very next day.

It all changed in a blink of an eye, their sin was announced punishable and they were decided to be electrocuted. Jirga asked both families to electrocute them not in the presence of any Jirga member.

The girl’s father revealed according to Express Tribune that we tied our daughter on a charpoy and electrocuted her till she died.

The boy was also electrocuted in the same manner the next day. Bodies were buried and the news took almost a month to reach the ears of Police.

However police has filed a case and four arrests have been made including both the fathers.

Express Tribune reported that Shah Latif Station SHO Amanullah Marwat has confirmed that all the four arrested have confessed of the crime.

Marwat also added that they are still looking for the members of the Jirga and their leader.

This is the end of another love story in the land people call Pakistan.

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