How Blue Whale Game Is Financing Its Curators

The blue whale game is talk of the town nowadays. People are confuse why anyone would make a game which asks players to jump to their death?

There are several theories circulating about the reason behind this game. One theory is related to the red rooms.

Now what actually are red rooms? There are three layers of web that is surf net which we normally use, second layer is the deep net which is often used by the government officials and then comes the third and final layer of the net, the dark net.

In the dark net there are some sites where the videos of torture, murders and suicides are streamed live. People actually pay for the access to these sites known as the red rooms.

The blue whale game’s curators are believed to be the ones making money out of these red rooms.

They ask people to capture their suicide in the eye of a camera which could be streamed or posted in red rooms.

That way these curators are making money by the videos of suicides of the players.

It may be for the financial benefits of some but it is definitely dangerous. The thing that worries all is the idea that if there is a game like this it would not be the only one.

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