I Will Save The Rohingya Muslims: Meera

Our very own Meera ji has given a statement that she herself want to go to Burma and help Rohingiya Muslims.

Well Meera if it is just another statement to grab media attention then we feel sorry for you. No one should get so low to use this for popularity.

But if you mean it then you have got the back of this nation. Go girl!

According to FHM Pakistan Meera has said, “I am going to Burma and will save the Rohingya Muslims.”

Earlier Iqrar –Ul-Hassan, Waqar Zaka and Amir liaquat also visited Burma to reach the unprivileged Muslims suffering the worst ethnic cleansing in the hands of their own people.

However they were deported and weren’t allowed to enter the premises of the country.

For fame or out of consideration, whatever is the reason behind her statement one thing is for sure she keep herself updated with all the recent events.

Not just updated she also take it as her responsibility to pass a comment if not on all then definitely on most of them.

Well we can now just wait for the time when will she announce the dates of her departure to Burma so that she can save Muslims there.

Good luck Meera!

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