Kangana’s Take On Gender Bias In Bollywood

Kangana has once more caused the stir in the B-town. Her new video is amazing and she has pointed out some real issues but in a fun way.

The main idea of the video is gender bias which still dominates the Bollywood.

Her video is basically a parody of various iconic moments in the history of Indian cinema.

This time Kangana has nailed it. She has spoken the heart out of every girl.

It’s basically an item number and lyrics are on fleek.

Video targets the objectification of women, age gap between male and female leads, wage gap and also the types of role female characters are offered.

In the beginning of the video Kangana is shown asking to eliminate some lines from the script but director shoo her away and when later in the video the hero says what Kangana had already said, it is considered.

We are eagerly waiting for the b- town celebs to react on this new firing video of Kangana Ranaut.

Karan Johar has already reacted to this video in a very cryptic tweet

Well no one can be sure if he is actually addressing the Queen star here or not?

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