Karachi’s Plight

This eid was all about meat and blood, sadly for Karachiites it is not over yet.

The foul stench has taken over the city after Eid-e-Qurban as the offal are still lying on the streets and at every corner.

Remains of the sacrificial animals are now emitting bad smell along with God knows how many germs and bacteria.

There are no signs of authorities of any kind and city is drenched in blood mixed in rain water.

Heavy rains just before eid had told the tale. The tug of war over the city’s ownership has left the residents with garbage flooded drains and choked gutters.

There is literally no one to ask or hold accountable for the bad condition of the city.

Every political party is busy polishing their politics over the Karachi’s population claiming it as their own but not really considering the city of lights’ fading lights.

The eid has made it difficult for the passersby to walk on the roads and even the car travelers are not spared by the stench which is unbearable.

Smell like the rotten meat is mixed with the stagnant water and sewerage smell. The combination is throwing many citizens in the fits of nausea.

There seems no end to it and apparently no solution for the betterment. Looks like citizens have to compromise this year.

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