Punjab Nahi Jaungi; Tries But Fails To Portray Opinionated Women

Punjab nahi jaungi is a Pakistani movie trying to depict strong female characters.

Female lead played by Mehwish Hayat is a girl who is opinionated and knew what she wants. This type of character is rarely given to heroines here and Mehwish Hayat pulled it like a pro. But character has some major flaws as it tries hard but fails to be decisive.

Movie revolves around a love triangle. Urwa Hocane is seen playing a negative part in this trilogy.

Fawwad Khagga’s (Humayun) and Amal’s (Mehwish) families are friends for more than over a century and both of them have left to complete their education.

On their return both were caught in family friendships and marriage proposal. Amal rejects Fawwad straight away.

On the other hand Fawwad falls in love with Amal and tries to pursue her.

Events turned out in the favor of hero as they always did and heroine upon receiving a heart break says yes to the proposal.

It shows how Amal fearlessly denied the marriage proposal despite family pressures but then a heart break made her say yes. Sadly a cliché if a girl is heartbroken she doesn’t want another man to cope, society need to understand it.

Movie desperately tries to show Amal as a modern, independent, opinionated and decisive but fails miserably.

Movie again tries to show Amal as a liberal when she on the very first night of their marriage caught her husband drinking and blabbering about how he trapped her into marriage. She showed her anger but then Fawwad jump off the roof to prove his love. It ultimately stops her from leaving him not only that but she also falls in love with that man.

This is not the right way to stop a lady you love from leaving you. It’s called intimidating or worse blackmailing her. Not a right approach for film makers, it only strengthen the idea of intimidating.

After wedding Amal took over the Khagga dairy and here comes the part Urwa has played of Durdana. She conspires and Fawwad and Durdana are caught in the act by Fawwad’s wife Amal.

Towards the end when Amal catches her husband cheating and get slapped by him, decides to file for a divorce. At one point her character makes you believe that she is not going to change her mind and her decision will serve her cheater right.

However ironically Amal changes her mind in the climax scene declaring what she has gotten signed aren’t even divorce papers but some stupid promise of love.

She after repeating so many times in the film “Pujnab nahi jaungi” ended up in Punjab and with the same guy who ridicules her in front of his friends, slaps her and cheats on her.

No movie makers no, it’s a big no.

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