Maryam, Safdar’s Indictment Postponed To Oct 19 After Lawyers Attempt To Gatecrash Court

An accountability court was forced to adjourn the proceedings in a graft case against ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s daughter and son-in-law — Maryam Nawaz and Muhammad Safdar — after PML-N lawyers and supporters tried to forcibly enter the building and create mayhem.

Just as the accountability court judge, Justice Muhammad Bashir, entered his courtroom, a number of lawyers associated with the PML-N forced their way inside and surrounded the judge’s bench, loudly complaining that they had been manhandled by security forces outside the court and prevented from entering the courtroom.

The lawyers threatened to hold up the hearing until action was taken against the police officials who had allegedly manhandled them outside the court.

Maryam Nawaz outside the court premises in Islamabad. ─ DawnNews
Maryam Nawaz outside the court premises in Islamabad. 

As a result of the chaos, Justice Bashir decided to prematurely halt court proceedings for the day and asked both defendants to leave the courtroom and return for a hearing on October 19.

Once PML-N supporters and lawyers found out that the hearing had been adjourned, the crowd dispersed.

Imran Khan accuses PML-N of attacking the judiciary

Reacting to the situation, Imran Khan sent out a torrent of tweets accusing PML-N of attacking Pakistan’s judiciary.

“Today the PMLN attacked Pakistan’s judiciary for the second time – today it was to protect the over Rs 30 b Sharifs’ loot stashed abroad,” he tweeted.

He also claimed that Ahsan Iqbal’s “drama” over Rangers’ deployment at the Judicial Complex “was to leave the NAB judge unprotected.”

“Clearly PMLN is hell-bent on destroying all state institutions. People of Pakistan must be prepared to stand up and defend our state institutions,” he added.

Ending his tirade, Khan said that the destruction of state institutions means the disintegration of the state. He concluded, “This is the Sharif agenda which nation must counter.”

Courtesy: Dawn News

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