Resolution Against Karachi Knife Attacks Tabled In Sindh Assembly

Member of provincial assembly Sorath Thebo on Monday has tabled a resolution in Sindh Assembly against ongoing knife attacks on women in Karachi.

In the resolution, early detention of the suspect and prevention of further attacks were demanded while the authorities were also requested to take action against this heinous crime.

Talking to media, Sorath Thebo termed Sindh government as good for nothing and asked Inspector General to pull his socks up and prepare plan for the suspect’s arrest.

She said that the government has failed to provide protection to the women as it seems helpless before this criminal.

On the other hand, investigation team had decided to take assistance of psychiatrist regarding the detention of the criminal. They had decided to look deeply into the matter to find out whether the suspect is playing some sort of game in which he is being given tasks.

Meanwhile, the police in Sahiwal and Gujranwala also facing a similar situation as a ‘knife attacker’ is attacking random women in the locality.

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