3rd PGF Women’s Exclusive Golf Championship Tees Off Today

3rd PGF Women’s Exclusive Golf Championship Tees Off Today


ISLAMABAD: The 3rd PGF Women’s Amateur Golf Championship will tee off at the Islamabad Club Golf Course here on Friday (today) and for the next three days from March 16 to 18, a highly competitive championship will continue to be in progress.

This will be the third time that Pakistan’s exclusive women’s golf event at the national level is being led through the efforts of peppy and enterprising women like Zeenat Ayesha, Dr Asma Shami and Yasmin Mubarik.

The tournament director for this championship is Zeenat Ayesha who will be responsible for organizing the event on behalf of the Pakistan Golf Federation (PGF).

Zeenat is avid about development of women’s golf and a member of the executive committee of the Pakistan Golf Federation. Talking about the championship,

Zeenat remarked: “It is an honor for women golfers and the organizing team to be associated with the holding of this big event.”

Moreover, she further expressed her gratitude to women golfers from Bangladesh and Thailand who accepted the invitation and willingly came over to participate in this national event.

In this connection it would be pertinent to highlight that Pakistan women golfers had cherished a dream of holding an exclusive women-only golf championship for long, and it was through the unflagging strenuous efforts of Dr Asma Shami, Yasmin Mubarik and Tahira Raza that the first such event was being held in March 2016 at Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course.

The second one was held at Karachi Golf Club in March 2017 and now one finds the third one ready to launch itself with an international flavor, helped by Lt Gen Hilal, President of the Pakistan Golf Federation.

The championship will be conducted in six separate categories which include three prime ones Gold (handicap 0-15), Silver (handicap 16-24), and Bronze (handicap 25-36) and three others. These three others will cover an event for girls falling in age bracket 10 to 15 years, an event for senior women, invitees and then there is a team match to be contested between Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad-Rawalpindi Zones which runs concurrently with the main championship.

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