5 new things you can do with Gmail without leaving your email


Gmail, the most used email service in the world, is not only used to send emails.

As explained by Google – the company responsible for the platform – on its official website, the company has just launched a series of extensions that allow “a new way of working”, thanks to its newly installed “business applications” .

The more than 1,000 million Gmail users can now use ten new tools (and one more that is yet to come) to do a series of tasks without leaving the mail.

These are extensions such as Asana, Trello or Hire that you can install for free from the G Suite Marketplace website , and click on its icon to use them when you access your email account.

and explain how they work and what you can do through them .

1. Create and assign tasks

Gmail has given the green light to three new extensions to organize tasks.

Trello , a project management tool, allows you to create task boards, turning emails into work “cards”.

The subject of the mail becomes the title of the task and the body of the message is the description. And you can send them to your contacts.

The system allows you to store each of your tasks in different boards, according to their category, and differentiate each of them by colors, in the form of small digital post-its .

This function not only serves for work; It is also useful to manage trips, organize household tasks or your personal projects done and done.

In addition, thanks to another extension, Asana , you can organize tasks from Gmail and assign them to members of your team, placing a delivery date and even including attachments.

And with Wrike you can also send and receive comments, and edit the tasks based on updates you have received in your emails.

2. Make calls and send SMS

Through the Dialpad extension , you can make calls and send SMS (text messages) through your Gmail account.

This way you can answer your emails with calls and messages without having to access another web page. The application works through the cloud, similar to Skype.

Another option is to use RingCentral , a kind of computer to make calls that can also be used from Gmail.

It allows you to know the history of conversations with the recipients of your emails or send emails when you are available to receive calls, among other things.

3. Send and collect invoices

You can create invoices, send them or collect them thanks to a tool called Intuit QuickBooks Invoicing .

The system offers different payment options through the internet, such as bank card or online transfer.

You can also control the payment to verify that the billing process was effective.

4. Find a job

Google Hire is a platform to search for jobs and manage job offers. This tool allows you to use Gmail and the Google calendar to make the task easier.

It works similar to LinkedIn and allows you to manage applications and resumes, and contact recruiters and candidates.

The extension makes it possible to add contacts directly from Gmail, as well as send job applications and access applications.

5. Sign contracts

There is another add-on that is on the way. It is about DocuSig nand it serves to sign contracts, agreements and other documents.

This electronic signature platform eliminates the need to use paper contracts, is free and does not require creating an account. It also allows to protect documents and print them.

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