5 Pakistani Names in Paradise Papers


KARACHI: The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) leaked a fresh series of 13.4 million documents naming some Pakistani politicians and business tycoons among the most influential people around the world involved in stashing money abroad through their investments in offshore tax havens.

The Paradise Papers shedding light on how two firms; Bermuda’s Appleby and Singapore’s Asiaciti Trust, help the global rich and powerful move their money abroad, hitting headlines globally just a year after the explosive Panama Papers that jolted the world last year.

These are the five Pakistani nationals who have made it to Paradise Papers:

Shaukat Aziz Former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz has been named in the ‘Paradise Papers’ for being linked to offshore companies. According to the leaked papers, Aziz founded a trust – Antarctic Trust – in 1999, before he was nominated for the office of Prime Minister in 2004 during General Pervez Musharaf’s rule.


Mian Muhammad Mansha


Mian Muhammad Mansha, one of the close aides of ousted PM Nawaz Sharif, has also been named in the second largest leak.


According to the Paradise Papers, Mian Mansha owns as many as six offshore companies, four of which are based in Britain’s Virgin Island and two others in Mauritius.


Ayaz Khan Niazi


Former National Insurance Corporation Limited (NICL) chairperson Ayaz Khan Niazi has been named in connection of four offshore companies and a trust in the British Virgin Islands (BVI).


The three companies – Andalusian Establishment Limited, Andalusian Enterprises Limited and Andalusian Holdings Limited – were set up in 2010 when Niazi was NICL chairman, besides the Andalusian Discretionary Trust.


Sadruddin Hashwani


Sadruddin Hashwani business tycoon, chairman of Hashoo Group He is named for owning two offshore companies; one in Barbados and another in UK’s Cayman Islands.


Obaid Khanani


Pakistani national Obaid Khanani His father Altaf Khanani was arrested by U.S. authorities in September 2015 and accused of laundering billions of dollars for militants groups, among the others in the tally.


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