7 important symptoms that may seem normal and that you should not ignore


There are ailments, such as loss of vision or speech, which immediately make the alarms jump and consult the doctor. But what about the more subtle symptoms to which we can downplay it?

When it comes to diseases, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

Some signals that our body sends can be confused as a result of an inappropriate lifestyle but when they are very intense or last longer than usual we must be careful.

The prestigious Mayo Clinic in the United States advises going to the doctor in the following cases:

1. High or persistent fever

The fever, says the US medical center, plays an important role in combating an infection . Having a recurrent or very high fever can hide a serious contagion.

If your temperature exceeds 39.4ºC or lasts more than three days do not hesitate to see your doctor.

Infections in the urinary tract, tuberculosis and lymphomas are ailments related to high or persistent fever.

2. Get out of breath

Having difficulty breathing after having exercised intensely, when temperatures are high or you are at a high altitude can be considered “normal”, says the medical staff of the Mayo Clinic.

But if you run out of breath suddenly and severely , go to the doctor, they recommend.

Breathing problems can lead to chronic lung disease : bronchitis, asthma , pneumonia, or a clot in the lung. They are also related to heart and lung problems.

During panic attacks, an intense episode of anxiety in which you are believed to be in danger without real cause, you will also experience difficulty breathing.

3. Unexpected weight loss

Contrary to what some may think, losing many pounds in a short time for no apparent reason is not good news.

If you do not suffer from obesity and lose more than 4 kilos (or 10% of your body weight) in a period of 6 to 12 months, visit the doctor.

There are many serious diseases related to weight loss such as hyperthyroidism , the diabetes , the depression , liver or even some form of cancer.

4. Changes in your bowel movements

This is one of the symptoms that is more difficult to detect, according to the medical staff of the Mayo Clinic.

It is because the stools vary greatly depending on the person and the diet. Still, there are features that can help you know that something is not working well.

You should see your doctor if:

– Your stools are bloody , black or tarry.

– You have diarrhea or persistent constipation .

– You need to go to the bathroom urgently in a systematic way.

Changes in bowel habits may be due to a bacterial infection such as salmonella , a viral or parasitic infection. Other possible causes include irritability of the bowel or, more serious still, colon cancer , warn from the US health center.

5. Personality alterations

If you find it difficult to think clearly, you have trouble concentrating or your behavior changes for a prolonged period, ask for help from a healthcare professional .

These mood swings or your personality, says the Mayo Clinic, may have their origin in poor nutrition, mental problems or an infection that is going unnoticed.

6. Feeling full after eating too little

You do not need to eat much to feel satisfied is not always good.

The early satiety can bring nausea, vomiting, swelling or weight loss.

If you are not sure what the causes may be, experts recommend going to the doctor because of the gastrointestinal reflux of the esophagus and the ulcers. Satiety is also related in more severe cases to pancreatic cancer .

7. Flashes of light

The typical spots of light that we see when someone has just taken a photo with a very powerful flash can be cause for concern outside of this situation.

The flashes of light may indicate that you are suffering from migraine or in the worst cases it may be a symptom of retinal detachment .

In these cases getting help as soon as possible is essential to prevent a loss of permanent vision .

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