7 tips to conquer Monday at Work

7 tips to conquer Monday at Work


We all know, or ever suffer from, the “Monday depression.” Starting the week after just two days off is no easy task, but worse is if you start without a smile.
So if you want to get to Friday in peace, we recommend that you start the week with your right foot and a positive mood.
Of course it is not easy, we know, but with these tips will be easier to achieve.

Do not hurry in the morning

Surely you heard more than once that breakfast is the most important part of the day. And this is a good reason. So relax, and take that coffee in peace. What’s more, if you can, we also recommend that you walk to the office to walk a little without stress on public transport.


Leave your workspace organised

The worst thing that can happen on Monday is that not only do you have to work, but also have to sort your desktop before doing so. On Friday, spend a few minutes before running out the door to fix your workspace to make it more enjoyable to return on Monday.
Believe us, even if it means losing a few minutes of the holy weekend, on Monday you will thank yourself.

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Plan your night

Knowing that at night you have a plan that pleases you still motivates you to work effectively. It does not have to be something too big, it can be going to the movies with your friends, a restaurant with your family or a romantic date.
Watch out! Remember that our goal here is that you can arrive on Friday, so while it’s perfect that you leave, leave the departures until the later hours for the weekend.


Dress Style

Although it may seem superficial, looking good in the mirror will raise your self-esteem. You will feel safer and better with yourself.
That’s why on Monday, choose some of your favorite clothes and conquer the week!

giphy-19Clean up your to-do list

Leaving something you should have done for tomorrow for some undefined time on the calendar, will not help you too much.
Tasks do not magically disappear from your itinerary (no matter how hard you try to ignore them) unless you actually complete them.
The more productive you are on Monday, and the fewer tasks you carry with you, the more productive you will feel, and at the same time freer.

tumblr_ohhve68vCa1tkb2p0o1_500Do not be grumpy

Yes, we all hate Mondays. This is no news to anyone. What does differ, is the way in which we decide to face this controversial day.
He thinks it’s only one day, and if you make the best of it, then every day that comes (no need to mention the weekend!) Will be much better.
If something bothers you, take a deep breath, count to 10 Do you want to smile a little?


Listen to Good Music

The effect of music on people is wonderful And it’s scientifically proven! You’ll be surprised to know how a simple melody can have so much impact on your mood. Listen to an album that motivates you, on your mobile phone or on the computer, who knows? you could suddenly make your office mates smile too.


And just like that, the most dreadful day of the week will pass and you would have conquered it….


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