8 unique world records that you can beat

8 unique world records that you can beat


What are you doing this weekend? If you do not have plans, you may want to achieve something that nobody has achieved before, and become a record beater.

You do not have to score 5 goals in less than 9 minutes to overcome Robert Lewandowski’s feat as Bayern Munich striker last September.

We suggest some that may require strength or skill, but at least appear to be a little more within the reach of mere mortals. Although suddenly not.

But you’re probably going to have fun.

1. The largest number of telephone directories torn in three minutes

Women’s record – 21

Record of men – 56

Before the smartphones that store all the information in the world appeared, the phone books contained the details to contact all the people, unless they were too famous personalities which were exempted.

They also served as platforms for unequal couples to kiss and even kept the doors open on evenings when the wind blew.

Now, we tear them to pieces.

You will need some muscle for this as each guide must have a minimum of a thousand pages, but it will be fun to indulge in pure destruction in pursuit of glory.

2. The highest number of penalties converted by a team of pets

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Image captionYou have to score goals wearing an outfit of this style.

Do you have a minute, a group of soccer friends and a costume shop?

Let’s see if you can beat the record that the Nicktoons reached in February of this year: 16 penalties in 60 seconds !

3. The furthest distance blowing a pea

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If you have an epic lung capacity, this can be your ideal challenge.

The record is currently in the hands of the German Andre Ortolf who managed to blow the pea by a distance of 7.51 meters.

What you need: a smooth surface and a standard pea – not frozen ones.

Next, just imagine that it is a very competitive version of blowing the birthday cake candles and do not stop until you can not anymore.

4. The fastest time in which two people arrange a single bed

We all hate making the bed, but your mom may have done you a favor when she insisted that you straighten the comforter.

Two nurses did it in 14 seconds in 1993, and that record has not been exceeded, which could indicate that it is a bit more difficult than it seems at first glance.

What you need: a blanket, two sheets, a protector, a pillow, a pillowcase and a bedspread.

Requirement: hospital corners and not a wrinkle.

5. The highest amount of mashed potato ingested in 30 seconds

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The potato is not traditionally associated with competitive consumption, but the German André Ortolf devoured 266 grams of mashed potatoes to win his world record.

Although it does not seem to demand much physical activity, the mere fact of having to get so much in the mouth so fast requires the action of several muscles.

6. The largest number of pancakes made by a person

Do you like to cook?

Making pancakes is one of the recipes that requires more activity: nothing to put everything in a pot and let it simmer.

To surpass the record of Ross McCurdy, of the United States, in 2013, who made 1,092 pancakes in an hour, you have to grease the pan, take the shake, turn it in the air, take it out and start over … more than a thousand times.

7. The largest amount of lemons trapped in a minute with blindfolds

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This may require more practice and confidence than anything else.

Have you ever heard the sound of a lemon when it travels through the air? Me neither.

Find a pitcher that seems very good for you to throw the lemons. You need to grab one every two seconds to break the record of 25 .

8. The largest number of shirts placed in a minute

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Image captionHow many can you wear at the same time?

The trick?

Start with the smallest and continue until you reach the XXL.

It would be very sad if you did not achieve it, not because it was slow or clumsy, but because the number 32 shirt that you need to wear to beat the record of 31 , does not fit over the others.

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