9 Summer Date Ideas To Make Your Romance Sizzle All Season Long

9 Summer Date Ideas To Make Your Romance Sizzle All Season Long


Whether you’re single or in a relationship, summer is one of the best seasons to have a whirlwind romance. It doesn’t matter if you’re going on your first date or your fiftieth, the warm weather means there will be a ton of new seasonal activities to try with your special someone.

While there are some classic summer date staples, like going to an outdoor concert or having a beach day, you can make the most of the season by trying some unexpected date ideas, too.

Catch an outdoor movie.

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Whether you head to a classic drive-in theater or modern rooftop cinema, this date puts a (literally) hot twist on the good ole “dinner and a movie” standby.

Go on a sunset picnic.

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Grab a basket, fill it with your favorite summer eats, and head to your favorite local park. That’s all you need to have an intimate dinner surrounded by effortlessly romantic ambiance. If the date goes well, you might even want to stay for some…



You don’t have to know anything about astronomy to know this is a seriously cute (not to mention cheap) date. Even if you live in a big city, you can still find semi-secluded places (that are shielded from nearby bright lights) to look up at the stars.

Go on a boat ride.

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Whether that means peddling a paddle boat around a pond or taking a ferry across a river, going on a boat probably isn’t something you do every day, which makes it an extra special setting for a summer date.

Get some ice cream.

romantic couple eating ice cream at park

Summer isn’t complete without at least one scoop of ice cream. Share a sweet treat with your sweetie to cool down on a sultry night together.

Watch fireworks.

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While fireworks are often reserved for Fourth of July, you might be surprised by how many local events also have them, especially if you live near the beach. After all, there’s no better way to spark fireworks between two people than watching the real thing.

Check out a food festival.

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Spend the day trying new dishes and sharing your favorites at a local food festival. After you’ve had your fill you can compare notes — and then make dinner plans.

Watch the sunrise.

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The only thing more beautiful than a summer sunset is a summer sunrise. Flip date night on its head with an early morning snuggle such as you watch the world come to life right in front of you. Bagels and iced coffee are encouraged, but not required.

Go on a ride.

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This is a fun and silly date that can help you both loosen up while exploring your town, city, or even beach boardwalk. You can even try a bicycle built for two, if you’ve got some serious synchronization skills.


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