A 20-year-old girl expired: Broken engagement prompts suicide, Chitral

A 20-year-old girl expired: Broken engagement prompts suicide, Chitral


CHITRAL: On Wednesday, a 20-year-old girl Sadia commits suicide in Barir town of Kailash valley, Chitral district which has eventually left the beautiful region in a state of mere shock.

According to police reports, Sadia, was said to have taken poisonous pills. This was apparently the 22nd such case reported in the region within last six months.

Sadia was taken to Tehsil Headquarters Hospital where she was confirmed dead by doctors.

Parents say the girl was in a state of despair ever since her engagement ended which for her marked may have prompted an end to her life.

However, the investigation in underway.

Social and political circles of Chitral have expressed concerns over the alarmingly high ratio of suicides in Chitral especially among the womenfolk in one of the most peaceful districts of KP.

Suicide incidents have prompted District Police Officer (DPO) Chitral Mansoor Aman to establish a women’s desk in police station so women can easily lodge complaints.

“The purpose of establishing this desk is to encourage women to come and speak up about issues they are facing,” Aman emphasized.

He expressed hope that establishment of women’s desk can help prevent such suicides in the region.

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