Accountability court extenuates ‘unwell’ Nawaz

Accountability court extenuates ‘unwell’ Nawaz


An accountability court hearing the ‘Flagship Investment’ and the ‘Al Azizia Mills’ reference cases against the Sharif family on Wednesday, granted permission to the former Prime Minister ‘Nawaz Sharif’ to leave court after having known he was ‘unwell’.

According to sources, hearing of the reference against Nawaz, his daughter Maryam Nawaz and son-in-law Capt (retd) Safdar were held at an accountability court.

During the hearing, Nawaz and Maryam appeared before the court but their counsel Khawaja Haris said his client (Nawaz) was unwell and requested he be excused. On hearing this, the court excused Nawaz from appearing before the court.

Despite, Sharif’s departure, the hearing continued. The court has summoned the prosecution’s witnesses to record their statements, three witnesses failed to record their statements earlier, in the last hearing.

Upon being addressed by the media outside court, the deposed premier expressed his sentiments and detest toward horse-trading, “We hate the concept of horse trading. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) never participates in any kind of horse trading.”

“We are ready to talk and form a strategy to deal with this issue,” says Sharif. He also expressed deep sympathy with the political parties affected as a consequent of horse-trading in the Senate elections.

Likewise, the ‘Quaid’ of PML-N also commented that there should be a thorough investigation into the allegations of horse trading in the Senate elections, and if all the afflicted political parties form a coalition against it, PML-N will also join it.

On Monday, the accountability court warranted Nawaz to leave the court on health grounds during the hearing, while, Abdul Hanan being the witness was subject to inquiry with regard to the verification of his claims.

However, during a brief interaction with the press conference at Sattar’s residence in PIB Colony in Karachi, he indicted PPP saying that the ruling party in Sindh, PPP, squared his party MPAs to cast their votes to the PPP candidates. He exclaimed that at least 14 MPAs out of total 37 MQM-P MPAs didn’t cast their ballots to the party.

“Some of our party MPAs reached Sindh Assembly along with the PPP MPAs. They went straight to the chamber of chief minister before casting their votes to the PPP,” he then said.

The ruling party in Sindh, PPP, secured 10 out of 12 seats for Senate from Sindh Assembly and surprisingly won one general seat and one seat reserved for women in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where it has total six MPAs.

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