‘Achilles’ – The white psychic power cat predicts World Cup result

‘Achilles’ – The white psychic power cat predicts World Cup result


Playing the right guess work – Who’ll ace the first match of the World Cup? The cat’s out of the bag: To your surprise it’s Russia!

At least that’s the prediction of Achilles, a cat in St Petersburg is widely known to have psychic powers.

When offered a choice of two bowls of food, the white feline vacillated before choosing one with the Russian flag, dismissing Saudi Arabia’s chances of a win in Moscow on Thursday – a relief to the host nation, considered one of the weakest sides in the tournament despite the home advantage.

Achilles, who lives in St Petersburg’s Hermitage museum, is deaf, something his minders say means he will not be easily abstracted by onlookers while making his prediction. They did not say whether the sight of the national flags might outdo his choice.

The World Cup will be played at venues across Russia until the final on July 15.


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