Alhamra & Thammasat University Signed MOU

Alhamra & Thammasat University Signed MOU


Lahore: Alhamra Arts Council (LAC) and Thammasat University, being the second oldest university in Thailand, has initially signed a memorandum of understanding under the leadership of Executive director Capt R Atta Muhammad Khan with Sociology& Anthropology Department, Thammasat University, so as to enhance cultural exchange links  programs in order to promote positive and softer image of Pakistan on a global aspect.4

 In this regard, a delegation of 9 members from the Sociology & Anthropology faculty were present at the occasion, which included the Director of museum Anthropology department Sudan WISUDTHILUCK and Assist. Prof. Dr. Yukti MUKDAWIJITRA who signed the MOU on behalf of Thammasat.
Moreover, there was Dr. Wilasinee Pananakoransab and another seven faculty members from Thailand, and Deputy Director Admin Alhamra Mr. Aftab Ansari, who were present at the ceremony.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Yukti MUKDAWIJITRA while addressing the public expressed gratitude to Capt R Atta Muhammad Khan and appreciated him for his unflagging efforts. He shared thoughts on a truly gleeful note by expressing his consent of coming over with a sense of optimism, whilst hoping for a bright future as well.

Speaking to the occasion Executive director Capt R Atta Muhammad Khan said that Lahore Arts Council in last three years is engaging the diplomatic community through an array of different cultural events to showcase the cultural diversity of Pakistan on a greater horizon.2

“In continuation of our commitment towards the promotion of peace through the culture, Alhamra has ultimately reaped success whilst attaining its goals, which explains why this MOU is a success.”

Capt Atta further said that it is the prime objective of Alhamra to showcase the cultural diversity and traditions to the world and make them believe that Pakistanis are truly accredited for making Pakistan a peaceful country. Alhamra would make its best to enhance the bilateral relationship with Thailand he added.

According to this MOU, the parties will exchange exhibitions of contemporary as well as traditional visual arts, including
handicrafts and other cultural heritage items, possibly accompanied by artists and artisans.

The Parties shall focus on boosting bilateral cooperation relations between the counterpart cultural institutions amid the two countries.

Likewise, these Parties intend to promote exchange within the field of performing arts with utmost emphasis on the exchange of troupes in the field of music, thereby also placing utmost importance on traditional and living folk music. This may also include children, youth and women artists, etc as a performer.

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