Ali Mohammad Khan Goes Berserk on Trump’s Advisor Sajid Tarar


Sajid Tarar, who gave the closing prayer at the Republican National Convention, is the founder of a group that calls itself “American Muslims for Trump,” according to The Washington Times newspaper.

Tarar is a Pakistani immigrant, who started the organization to convince his fellow Baltimore-area Muslims to support Donald Trump, is very serious. He argues that the presidential candidate who has proposed banning Muslim immigrants and surveilling or closing U.S. mosques is actually the best choice for his community.

“As Muslims, we have a hope that Trump can guide America toward the right direction,” Tarar, 56, told me earlier this month. “He’s rewriting history.”

Tarar grew up in Islamabad, Pakistan, and went to school in Lahore, where he studied political science and devoured books about American history and culture. He came to the U.S. in 1986, studying first at American University in D.C. and then getting his law degree at the University of Baltimore. He became a naturalized citizen and had four kids here. Now he’s the CEO of the Center for Social Change, a nonprofit that provides care for elderly and developmentally disabled people in the Baltimore region.

In the past, Tarar has voted for both Republicans and Democrats, and he’s been cozy with the political establishment: On the wall of his office is a photo of him shaking hands with Dick Cheney. He’s even considered running for office himself. But Tarar said he became so fed up with President Obama and the federal government that Trump’s message started making sense to him.

In a lot of ways, he sounds exactly like your typical Trump supporter: He calls Obama a socialist, thinks building a border wall is “crucial,” and bemoans political correctness and the Black Lives Matter movement. He likes that Trump is funding his own campaign, is an entrepreneur, and is sticking it to the political insiders.

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