American lady depicts fierce treatment by Taliban captors

American lady depicts fierce treatment by Taliban captors


Caitlan Coleman, 31 who was stole while going in Afghanistan with her Canadian spouse, Joshua Boyle, 34, and had three children in bondage, depicted the ruthless treatment her family endured in imprisonment, in an interview with ABC News.


She said some of their watchmen “hated children” and focused on their eldest child for beatings, now and again with a stick, guaranteeing he was “making problems” or being “too loud.” When Caitlin Coleman endeavored to intercede, she was beaten too. “I would get beaten or hit or tossed on the ground,” she said.


“She had a broken cheekbone,” Joshua Boyle said. “She actually broke her own hand punching one of them. She broke her fingers, so she was very proud of that injury.”

She blamed her captors for considerably more shocking violations, saying the gatekeepers killed their unborn little girl in a “forced abortion,” and she was later assaulted by two men in retribution for trying to report the crime to their superiors.

“They just kept saying that this will happen again if we don’t stop speaking about the forced abortion, that this happened because we were trying to tell people what they had done and that it would happen again,” Caitlan Coleman said.

The two revealed to ABC News they are standing up so not long after their discharge since they need justice, trusting Taliban leaders will be put on trial for atrocities or generally be considered responsible in the tribal system of Justice.

“I lost a daughter. That was more of a crushing blow to me than the years. What they did was a crime against humanity by international law.”


The US-Canadian couple was liberated in Pakistan in mid-October 2017, about five years in the wake of being kidnapped in Afghanistan. Caitlan Coleman was pregnant at the season of their catch.

Peril, in any case, was never a long way from their minds Caitlan Coleman said they told their child “a few” of what was transpiring yet endeavored to keep the most exceedingly awful bits from him.

The physical abuse of the family escalated, Boyle said, when the Haqqani network demanded he join the group as a Western propagandist.

“They had come four different times, to offer employment in the group…and I made it very clear that I’d rather be the hostage than be on your side of the cage,” Boyle said. “I’d rather be inside than outside.”

“There were beatings. There was violence. Then they’d come to make the offer again. Still said no. More beatings, more violence. Maybe that’ll be the solution. Still no,” Boyle said. “And after the final time — that’s when they killed our daughter. And after that, there were no more intimations of recruitment.”

Caitlan Coleman needed to conceal the pregnancies of her two other children conceived in imprisonment. Her husband helped her deliver them, she said, with no doctor present.

She trusts the watchmen place something in her sustenance in 2014 to constrain a premature delivery of their unborn girl. The couple grumbled to their captors and endeavored to slip notes to Taliban visitors informing them of the crime, along these lines, the two stated, their gatekeepers assaulted her while their eldest child was in the space to propel her to remain quiet

The day after she was raped, Caitlan Coleman said, Pakistani gunships strafed Haqqani positions in North Waziristan.

Presently living in Canada the couple says the scars from years of mishandle in bondage are just start to recuperate. Meanwhile, the two are centered around the future and on their family.

“I hope that they find enough happiness and joy to make up for it,” she concluded.

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