Amnesty Scheme extended for a month, Rs50bn collected so far, says minister

Amnesty Scheme extended for a month, Rs50bn collected so far, says minister


ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Information Minister Syed Ali Zafar states Rs50 billion being collected so far in taxes under the Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) tax amnesty scheme.

In an interview, he is reported to have said that this scheme is aimed at documenting undeclared assets of Pakistani citizens in the country and abroad.

On Saturday, the government extended the scheme for a month with a cut-off date of July 31 in view of a surge of interest in declaration of assets.

To a question regarding a recent hike in petroleum prices, the minister said the prices of the commodity have been revised and reviewed in line with its prices in international market.

Regarding the refuge of Afghanis in Pakistan, he said an extension of three more months have been granted to them for repatriation.

The minister said the world should recognize the sacrifices rendered by Pakistan in fight against terrorism.

He added Pakistan will try its best to implement the twenty-six points asked by the Financial Action Task Force to come out of the grey list.

Mr. Zafar said all possible steps are being taken to ensure free, fair, and transparent elections.

He said international observers will be fully free to monitor and cover the election.


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