An evening with Rashid Mehmood

An evening with Rashid Mehmood


LAHORE:  An evening with the Film and Drama artist Rashid Mehmood held in Hall 3 at Alhamra Art Centre on Monday 26th Feb Mall Road. The evening was arranged by Pakistan Adbi Forum and Columnist Club. The evening was a mix of discussion on literature and poetry and life experience of Rashid Mehmood.



Speaking at the occasion, Chairmen of Pakistan Adbi Forum Mr. Zabeeh Ullah Balaggan said that this forum was founded by globally recognized Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi who on every platform represented the literary society and strongly believed that literary evolution would be stagnant without the literary community.


Executive Director Alhamra Arts Council Capt R Atta Muhammad Khan while addressing the evening.

He showed perfect accordance with the approach seeded by honored Mr. Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi.  Furthermore, while addressing, Capt Atta Muhammad Khan praised the role and efforts of Mr. Rashid Mehmood. He talked about a number of achievements concerning his contribution within the domain of the film and drama industry. Executive Director Alhamra Arts Council Capt R Atta Muhammad Khan did not forget to mention that our artists are our precious asset and the cultural ambassadors of our culture all over the globe.


Rashid Mehmood said, that our film, as well as drama industry, have entered a new phase and he is very positive that our youth will bring the lost glory of the Film and Drama. He thanked the Pakistan Adbi Forum and Columnist Club and Alhamra Arts council for organizing the event.

A number of pioneers in their respective domains were present at the ceremony. Among them, the few included Dr. Sughra Sadaf (Director General), PILAC, Tahir Server Meer, Asim Bukhari, Amjad Iqbal, Khalid Irshad Sufi and Safdar Ali Khan and others.

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