Angela Merkel, willing to stand as a candidate in case of new elections

Angela Merkel, willing to stand as a candidate in case of new elections


The acting German chancellor said she prefers new elections to a possible minority government. In an interview, she expressed her willingness to lead her party in case of a new electoral process.

The president of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Angela Merkel, today announced her desire to re-lead her party should new elections be necessary in Germany after the failure of negotiations to form a coalition government. Merkel sees no reason to step aside, but quite the opposite: she was willing to lead the party again in the election campaign should new elections be held, the acting German chancellor told German public television ARD.

The German president explained that she did not intend to resign, after the failure of the Conservatives’ negotiations to form a government with the Liberals and the Greens. “Germany needs stability,” he argued. Merkel recalled that during the election campaign she was asked frequently if she would be willing to complete a new legislative period and she always answered yes.

If he were to retire now after two months it would be very “strange”, he said. He also rejected having made mistakes in negotiations with the sister party, the Christian Socialist Union (CSU) and the Liberals (FDP) and the Greens. “I have done what I could and as I said, we have also made real progress,” he said the day after the FDP had left the negotiating table.

Regarding the position of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) of not wanting to republish a grand coalition, Merkel said that we must wait now for the talks that maintain that party with the federal president of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier. “Naturally I am willing to talk,” he added.

If the Liberals, Conservatives and Greens fail to return to the negotiating table and the SPD remains firm in its position, there would be only the possibility of a minority government to avoid repeating the elections. However, Merkel rejected a minority government in which it was dependent on the votes of the far right party Alternative for Germany. In such a case it would be better to call new elections, he said.

Ask for a willingness to dialogue

Germany today looked to an unprecedented panorama of political instability when failed the attempt of the Chancellor, Angela Merkel, to form a government alliance with liberals and greens and reiterate the Social Democrats their refusal to reedit the grand coalition with the conservatives.
Merkel today informed the situation to the president of the country, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who asked parties with parliamentary representation “willingness to dialogue to make possible the formation of government in the near future” and was reluctant to call new elections.

The current chancellor won his fourth general election on September 24 with an important flight of votes and the results left him little room to maneuver to govern with a stable parliamentary majority.

Unable to count on the Social Democrats, the only option was a tripartite one with the Greens and the Liberals, who last night, after almost five weeks of meetings, broke the negotiations.

Voters prefer new elections

45% of Germans prefer the holding of new elections to any other option, such as that of a minority government, following the failure of negotiations to form a coalition, according to a survey published today.

The study of the company Forsa for the RTL chain, broadcast less than 24 hours after the collapse of the talks between conservatives, liberals and greens, places this option as the favorite of citizens, in line with what was also pointed out by the chancellor German, Angela Merkel.

In second place is the group that considers that the formation of a large coalition of conservatives and social democrats would be the best option (27%) and only in third position are those who would opt for a minority government (24%).

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