APEC: Trump advocates bilateral agreements and China responds

APEC: Trump advocates bilateral agreements and China responds


The president of the United States insisted that bilateral trade relations must “comply with the rules” and offered “fair and reciprocal treatment.” China has already responded.

US President Donald Trump said today that he will strengthen bilateral relations with whomever he wishes and abide by the rules, in a speech at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC).

“We will not enter into big agreements that have us tied up, we must ensure that everyone complies with the rules, which now not everyone does,” Trump said at the meeting held in Danang (Vietnam).

The US president declared his friendship to all the countries of the region and offered them a new framework of agreement based on “fair and reciprocal” treatment to strengthen ties and promote prosperity and security in the region.

“Many opportunities for mutual benefit have been lost because there are people who can not be trusted, who do not follow the rules, we can not and will not allow it anymore,” he added.

Trump said that in the past the US opened its economy without putting conditions but that this attitude was not reciprocated, and denounced that the World Trade Organization admitted the entry of countries that have not complied with the rules of the institution.

The US president arrived in Danang after midday from Beijing to present his vision for the “Indo-Pacific”, the new terminology he uses to refer to the “Asia-Pacific” region.

Chinese answer

This is the first participation of the US president in APEC, after taking office in January and taking the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) two days later.

Chinese President Xi Jinping today defended globalization in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum shortly after his US counterpart, Donald Trump, postulated bilateralism before the same audience.

“In recent decades, economic globalization has contributed significantly to global growth, and it has become an irreversible historical change,” said Xi at the APEC meeting of heads of state and government held in Danang, the center of Vietnam.

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