Are dolphins and humans really friends?

Are dolphins and humans really friends?


They are two of the most intelligent species on the planet and it is not strange that they feel interest for each other. Some call it friendship, but is it really?

A special bond?

The incredible characteristics of the dolphins make us think of a special relationship between the human being and these creatures. From their high levels of intelligence, through their complex communication to the interest they show for people. But do we really care as much as we think? And are we humans good friends of dolphins?

Interest for pregnant women

It is possible that their ability to recognize similarities between themselves and humans is what sparks their interest in saving people in distress. Dolphins find pregnant women especially fascinating and are even able to detect the heartbeat of an unborn baby.

An amazing mind

The intelligence of the dolphins is given not only by the brain-body size ratio. Dolphins understand artificially created language, use tools, cooperate with others to solve problems and are even able to recognize themselves from their reflection in the mirror.

Understanding the language of dolphins

Dolphins have a complex communication, but the big question is whether they have a language of their own. Could humans and dolphins talk one day? Scientists have been investigating this possibility for decades.

The “sociable solitary dolphin”

Dolphins are social creatures and are rarely alone. But there are cases of “solitary sociable dolphins”. It happens when a dolphin for any reason is left alone and seems to seek human contact as a substitute. But studies show that in those cases the dolphins develop a “deviant sexual behavior” and try to ride the bathers.


The interactions with the dolphins are not always friendly. There have been many cases of dolphins dragging humans through the water and even to the bottom of the sea, causing injuries such as broken ribs and more serious things. In those cases, it could have been a reaction of the dolphin to what he perceived as harassment. It is difficult to determine if they are intentional attacks or a somewhat aggressive game.

Unfriendly tourism

Swimming with dolphins is the vital goal of many people and a great source of income for tourism. But authorities around the world are trying to curb this practice to respect their space. In Hawaii, there are new law proposals to prohibit approaching these animals within 45 meters.

Threatened by their “friends”, humans

Dolphins face threats from humans. Pollution, loss of habitat and climate change are some of them, as the rising temperatures of the oceans impact on their population of prey.

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