Are We Not One?

Are We Not One?


Will you abandon your child because he/she is hurt by another person? Will you leave your newborn on his/her own on the streets? Will you let your 6yr child play with adult strangers? Probably the answers to these questions are a big no.

But what if you’re told that there are parents who did this? Shocked? Let’s put it in a way which is less shocking for we are used to hear it that way.

A 6yr old raped by neighbors, left in an orphanage by family. A day old girl found dead on a pavement, abandoned because she was a fourth daughter. A 6yr old was sexually abused by family’s driver.

These are a kind of news we are familiar with. Becoming a parent is not an easy task and no one should be allowed to shame a parent but then again this type of cases are horrendously painful.

We as a society needs to learn one thing on prior bases and that is to stop stereotyping.

When a child is abused or left to die raise your voice against this immorality. Try not to sound insensitive by adding a “girl” before child. Say it out loud that any child should not be abused on the basis of gender.


This goes for transgender as well. They are not only verbally abused but physically also from the very early years of their age.

What are they abused for is definitely not their fault. They are treated inhumanly which in turn makes them rude towards the society in general. It’s not their fault people, it’s us who are trying to carve monsters by denying even the basic rights to a whole lot of people.


Rape is rape, stop categorizing it. A child or an adult, a female, male or a transgender whoever is a victim should be considered as a victim and not as one risking it.

This habit of stereotyping is helping us to normalize very sensitive issues. Girls are meant to be raped if they choose to wear certain clothes, boys cannot be abused and transgender have lesser rights. This girl was travelling alone at night now she shouldn’t complain, is he impotent? Was his hands tied when he got beaten up by his wife?

Anyone can fall as a prey to assaults let it be gender neutral. The stereotypes prevailing in our society are ultimately helping the ones who should be held accountable for their crimes.


No clothes are provocative, no gender is lesser and no human is worthless. Learn it and teach it.

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