Attack in Kabul at the pace of a NATO contractor

Attack in Kabul at the pace of a NATO contractor


The only mortal victim is a young civilian. The wounded are also civilians, since the attack missed their objective.

At least one person was killed and six others were wounded this Friday (02.03.2018) in the early morning explosion of a bomb in eastern Kabul as a vehicle of contractors of the NATO mission troops passed in Afghanistan, confirmed the head of the city’s ambulance services, Mohammad Alim Asim.

“There is a camp in the area and the explosion took place in the street, before the foreign vehicle entered the camp,” explained the spokesman of the Afghan Interior Ministry, Nusrat Rahimi. A police spokesman, Basi Mujahid, explained that next to the site of the explosion is the military training camp, contractors’ offices and guest houses.

This explosion comes after two days ago the Afghan president, Ashraf Gani, reached out to the Taliban offering them “without preconditions” dialogue, their political recognition and a path towards a peace process that ends more than 16 years of conflict. Gani’s announcement also came after the insurgent formation launched a direct dialogue proposal to the United States on Monday, the first message of its kind that they openly send after years of refusing to talk with the Afghan government and Washington. In any case, nobody has yet attributed the attack.

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