Avoid the cold: the best tricks to avoid falling ill this winter

Avoid the cold: the best tricks to avoid falling ill this winter


To think that seasonal ailments are inevitable is a very common mistake, even more so if we consider that it is enough to follow specific guidelines to avoid sneezing.


The atypical fall of almost summery weather has already given way to the cold more typical of these dates. Finally, some will think as they take the feathers out of the closet. However, these changes in temperature often catch many people unprepared and, therefore, trigger a new wave of flu and colds . Every year the same story. In general, we assume it with resignation: it is not a matter of whether or not we will get bad this winter, but when. But to think that the disease is inevitable is a very common error, even more so if we consider that it is enough to follow specific guidelines to avoid sneezing, snot and other winter troubles.

Do not forget the coat

It is important to throw disposable tissues as soon as possible.  (iStock)
It is important to throw disposable tissues as soon as possible. (iStock)

Your grandmother was right: a little girl is never a problem. Remember that it is not the cold itself that produces the cold, but the virus , but it spreads much better when your mucous membrane defenses are busy trying to maintain body temperature. In short, it makes you more vulnerable. For that reason, it is very important to be well wrapped, according to the ambient temperature. In addition, after this exceptionally mild beginning of autumn, we Spaniards have become ill-equipped to leave home without shelter , the same we will later miss when the mercury falls .

The hands, very clean

At this time it is especially advisable not to touch too many things in public spaces, but as we know it is difficult not to look like a manual neurotic in, for example, a bus, it may be more useful to recommend that you try to wash your hands whenever you can.

The cold of winter motivates people to spend more time indoors, which, indirectly, favors the contagion between them

Doing so frequently and with soap will ensure you keep viruses at bay. Although most infections are transmitted through the air, germs are also spread through physical contact and, above all, through hands. It also helps to avoid touching your eyes , nose and mouth. In the same way, if you have already fallen ill it is very important to make sure you have them clean so that the disease does not spread any more, especially after covering your mouth when you sneeze or cough.

Do not go over heating

The cold of winter motivates people to spend more time indoors , which, indirectly, favors the contagion between them. In addition, the heating dries the air and our mucous membranes. And a dry nose makes it much easier to spread viruses and bacteria. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep the interior moist (between 50% and 70%) and ventilated (some people even sleep with the window open). You can help yourself from a humidifier .

Look at the temperature before leaving home

Be proactive.  (iStock)
Be proactive. (iStock)

Now that we have the weather forecasts at the click of our cell phone, why risk it? Before leaving home, look at what temperature you are going to do the rest of the day. In general, cloudy winter days are usually a more favorable condition for exposure to germs. However, you may not notice it until the incubation period ends , which is usually two or three days in the case of the common cold. Then come coughs or sneezes, itchy throat, nasal congestion and regrets: why have not I looked at the time?

Make sure you get enough sleep

Numerous studies have shown that getting enough sleep (seven to nine hours) helps keep the immune system in good condition and, therefore, beat any virus. In case you are already infected, falling asleep with so much cough and congestion can be complicated. Try to raise your head to a height greater than your body (it will be easier to cough), use a humidifier or drink a hot tea without caffeine before going to bed. If problems persist, try a decongestant medicine and see your doctor.

Keep doing physical activity

You have to stay active, even if it's cold.  (iStock)
You have to stay active, even if it’s cold. (iStock)

It may be lazy to leave home to exercise, but physical activity should not decline in winter . Running through the park, playing soccer, riding a bike or going to the gym will keep your body active, improve your immune system and the chances of infection will be lower. Also, exercise (moderate, it is understood) also helps to get rid of the disease through perspiration.

Reconciling sleep with cough and congestion can be complicated. Try to raise the head to a height greater than the body and use a humidifier

In this way, it follows that it is not good to stay all day in bed with the cold and that it is worth going out for a walk around the block to move the body a bit. Of course, do not go to the gym with the cold, you will not be contagies to all present.

Get flu shots

Although the seasonal epidemic is expected to be moderate this year , authorities remember that influenza is one of the most important causes of death for people over 60 years of age. In 2016, more than 3,000 serious hospitalized cases and between 200 and 300 deaths were reported due to this disease and its complications. The best way to prevent it, vaccination.

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